Veteran's For Peace
Statement on the Ft. Hood Tragedy

November 6, 2009

Veterans For Peace extends our sympathies to the families and soldiers of Fort Hood. The pain and sadness felt by the community is shared by our members. Nearly every day in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other places across the globe tragedy strikes as a result of war. On November 5th, tragedy struck close to home.

The nation will mourn and try to make sense of this awful day. VFP does not pretend to know the answers, nonetheless as veterans, all who have trained for war and some who have seen death or taken life, we know that violence begets violence. The trauma of war stays with us and is passed on to others.

This event makes visible the countless hidden and forgotten tragedies. It shows us those tragedies are not restricted to the combat zone, but in ways big and small effect us at home, in our communities and as a people. It motivates us to work harder to end the madness of war.

Can attacks on a military base constitute "terrorism"?
If attacks on soldiers now qualify, how is it possible to exclude many American actions?
by Glenn Greenwald rest of this commentary here

Democracy Now Interview with Fort Hood IVAW Member Michael Kern
and Journalist Dahr Jamail
Democracy Now! The War and Peace Report
Broadcast on November 9th, 2009

As families and friends mourn the thirteen individuals who were shot dead at the Fort Hood military base in Texas, questions continue to be raised about what might have motivated Thursday’s rampage. The suspected gunman, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, was an Army psychiatrist who had spent most of his career at Walter Reed Hospital before being transferred to Fort Hood earlier this year. He had also recently received orders to deploy to Afghanistan. We speak to Private Michael Kern from Fort Hood and independent journalist and author Dahr Jamail.

The Ft. Hood Shootings Aftermath: Part 1
Interview with unembedded, independent reporter, Dahr Jamail

The Ft. Hood Shootings Aftermath: Part 2
Interview with unembedded, independent reporter, Dahr Jamail

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