Resources for Veterans

US Government Resources/Veterans Affairs

The GI Rights Hotline
A network of nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations who provide free and confidential information to service members about military discharges, grievance and complaint procedures, and other civil rights to include a toll free phone hotline (1-877-447-4487). Every member of the military should know about this resource. Click here for more info.

The Soldiers Project
A group of licensed mental health professionals who offer free and confidential psychological treatment to military service members (active duty, National Guard, Reserves and veterans) who have served or who expect to serve in OEF and/or OIF. The Soldiers Project also provides treatment to members of their families and other loved ones. Click here for more info.

Conscientious Objector information
Conscientious objectors are people who refuse to participate in the military and war. Some become conscientious objectors after they have experienced being in the military firsthand, either during peacetime or wartime. Others are civilians who do things like oppose war taxes and work to reduce the role of the military in society.
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Stationed in Germany? The Miltary Counseling Network is there for you!
MCN is a non-military network of organizations prepared to provide free counseling service to those soldiers who are questioning going to war or want to know more about military discharges and regulations. Click here for more info.

Military Rape Crisis Center
You are not alone. We are here to help. The Military Rape Crisis Center was developed in 2006 to provide support to all Active Duty Military and Veterans. If you or someone you know has just been raped or sexually assaulted take these Immediate Steps and please contact us. Click here for more info.

The following report helps to shed light on military rape and gender related issues:
Gender in the Ranks - By Maya Schenwar - t r u t h o u t | Report

Appeal for Redress
The Appeal for Redress provides a way in which individual service members can appeal to their Congressional Representative and US Senators to urge an end to the U.S. military occupation. The first Appeal signatures were delivered to members of Congress on January 16, to coincide with at the time of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in January 2007. Appeal for Redress will continue to collect signatures until all active duty, Guard, and active reserve soldiers are out of Iraq.
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Courage to Resist
Courage in the military does not always mean boldly facing the dangers of battle. The courage to stand up in the face of adversity to do the right thing and set the ethical example is a value every military member should have. Brave and courageous men and women have refused and challenged illegal and unlawful orders during numerous wars, even refusing unlawful orders to be part of illegal wars. Although widely ignored, hidden and dismissed by history, war resistors have been a huge part of military personnel challenging the unjust, unethical and illegal actions of the US government.
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National Lawyers Guild / Los Angeles Chapter
Turning 18? Young men turning 18 are required to register with the Selective Service System. The failure to do so can result in denial of student financial assistance, denial of federal employment, denial of employment by state governments and, in rare situations, criminal prosecution. Learn about your rights and responsibilities by attending one of our counseling sessions.
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The National Lawyers Guild Military Law Task Force
The National Lawyers Guild Military Law Task Force assists those working on military law issues as well as military law counselors working directly with GIs. It trains and mentors counselors and beginning military law attorneys in all aspects of military law through training materials and direct communication. It updates changes in military law and policy.
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What will happen if I go AWOL?
Being AWOL can be a serious offense, especially during a period of war. However, military personnel during the Vietnam war and the current war in Iraq have been going AWOL by the tens of thousands as a means of resisting and opposing illegal military actions/offenses and refusing to be forced by the state into violating ones conscience and legal duty to refuse and challenge unlawful orders.
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Health Issues Fact Sheets
The possibility of death or injury as a result of military service is often associated with combat hostilities. However, one of the leading causes of injuries amongst veterans is not a result of the hostile actions of enemy combatants. Government neglect and corruption has poisoned and abandoned military personnel, exploiting and using them for short term military corporate goals and medical trials. Thousands of military personnel since the Gulf War have been poisoned by depleted uranium used in US military armaments causing staggering amounts of cancer, illness and “Gulf War Syndrome” along with birth defects of their children conceived after the war. Personnel have also suffered the adverse affects of drugs and vaccines given to them as well developing PTSD and suffering from a lack of treatment. The US government’s response to these vital issues amongst veterans is to deny that they exist.

Support for Families

Photo by Kat Rose Military Families Speak Out (MFSO)
MFSO is an organization of people opposed to the war in Iraq who have relatives or loved ones in the military. Formed by two families in November of 2002, we have contacts with military families throughout the United States, and in other countries around the world. Our membership currently includes over 3,000 military families, with new families joining daily. Click here for more info.

Gold Star Families For Speak Out (GSFSO)
Families of soldiers who have died as a result of war are organizing to be a positive force in our world to bring our country’s sons and daughters home from Iraq, to minimize the “human cost” of this war, and to prevent other families from the pain we are feeling as the result of our losses. Click here for more info.